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Our expertise in branding and brand development makes us the agency to go to if you feel your business needs a clear identity, a total transformation, a genuine comeback, more profitability, more visibility and more sustainability.

What We Do

Transform the way you see your business and see your business transform.

What we see matters. How we see matters more. We are here to help you see your company as a brand with potential. We’ve spent the past decade helping leaders and entrepreneurs break free from business school clichés and create successful, meaningful and profitable connections. From operationalising a brand to helping companies disrupt and scale on every level, Viral is here to make you see what you can do with your brand and most importantly how to do it.


Not sure of your digital strategy? No worries! From single-page microsites to high traffic websites, we design and take care of the maintenance of your digital presence and make sure the algorithms are on your side.

Is your brand identity visually appealing and consistent? Think of us as your marketing stylist. We will help you find your identity and make you look good in the process. Oh and we don’t do high street looks. We do sur measure haute couture.

Take your business to the next level, capture more market share and lead in your category. Our eCommerce expertise can help you increase your reach and build a strong customer base.

Who doesn’t love a challenge? Full-fledged campaigns demand strategic planning, creativity that pays off and laser-focused precision. Whatever your campaign objectives are, we are ready to develop and deliver.

Content is king, they say. We say content is the way to your dream client’s heart. Let’s create shareable, readable, viral content that serves you and benefits your audience.

Ever bought something solely based on its packaging? Us too! We love smart packaging that looks good, stands out and makes shoppers feel something. Lucky us, we also know how to do it!

It’s not just buzzwords and keywords. It’s about finding the best tactics to create a two-way, meaningful conversation with your customers. Let us show you the way to transform pixels into profit.

What’s in a name? If it’s your brand’s name, then success and failure could very well be in that name. Struggling to find the one? We provide names that are not just memorable, but also marketable.

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