If you’ve ended up here, you’ve probably looked at a gazillion agency websites and portfolios and can’t tell the difference between any of them. We feel you. You’ve likely hired a few freelancers or an agency with results ranging from downright terrible to “meh.” Perhaps you’re looking for a team who “gets you.” Well, we’re your people.We started Viral because we wanted to do things differently.

First and foremost, we were and are entrepreneurs first. We bootstrapped our agency and grew it from nothing (literally €250 in our bank account) into being a highly sought after agency. We know what entrepreneurs painstakingly go through in building businesses. Why? Because we’ve done it. We tore up the rule book, rejected what other agencies were doing and created our own methodologies. Now we confidently help others disrupt, innovate and lead their categories.

Some other interesting facts: We’re purpose and values-driven, our clients are family, and we’ve always got your back. In fact, our very first client (literally from 2005) is still working with us today! We believe in relationships, not just transactions. This is probably the reason our clients send us Christmas gifts and random deliveries of cupcakes, cookies! We are family and we love to see it grow!

A brand is the complete expression, both visually and verbally, of who you are as an organization. The brand should communicate the beliefs, message, culture, product or service and experience at every level of interaction inside and outside the company. The most important point to remember is that your brand can be enriched or undermined at any time, so it’s important to hold it sacred and devote the right resources to building it time and time again. We have a famous saying here, “branding is a labor of love.”

We’re not going to lie — branding is tough work. When you go through branding exercises like articulating your purpose, vision and values, it can be a rewarding process, but it’s also a painful one for most founders and leaders. These are questions that most leaders can’t articulate for themselves so they turn to us to help them. It can be frustrating when the words take time to come together. The lesson here is that while these exercises are difficult, they are necessary, dare we say, more important than how good your logo is.

Sometimes you won’t see the fruits of your labor until the brand has been shaped in such a way that all the decisions you made along the way tie it all together. It may even seem like a waste of time, but it’s not. In fact, it’s transformational when done right. In the long run, branding creates immense value for every facet of your business—from your culture and people you hire, to the way you communicate and talk about your business, to how you look, sound and feel. All this equals the impressions you are putting into the world. We believe, why do anything if you don’t intend to make it remarkable?

We do. It’s for a very restrained scope of work that allows us to provide value to you within a shorter timeframe.

Yes. We often work on long-term retainers for clients who have recently hired us for a leadership workshop or branding project. Once the brand is finished and ready to launch to the world, someone needs to be the guardian. We work with clients for as long as they need our help. In some cases, that’s years.

Our intention is to help you learn the brand so that you can manage it on your own and become the best advocate for what is on brand for you and what is not. That’s crucial to ensuring the brand doesn’t get diluted or that you’re not making poor decisions on behalf of it.

We’re here for you! If you’ve got a question you’d like us to answer, send it over in an email and we’ll see if yours makes the cut!